Hey Guys,

Welcome to the LightandFree Blog. My name is Erika Grant. I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys (Elijah 8, Jaiden 5, and Amari 4)  and a wife to an Active Duty AirForce Member for nearly 9 yrs. Gosh where has the time gone?? LOL.. Anyways, that’s just a little info about my family.

Now onto what the blog is about.

LightandFree Blog was created to help everyone and anyone to overcome any mental or emotional barriers that could be preventing you from living the life you desire..the life you deserve.With LightandFree Blog  I will provide tools via articles, videos, and interviews to educate you on the affects our minds and emotions have on us. I will also provide various techniques that you can do yourself or with the help of  someone who is certified, that can help tremendously. So stayed tuned and please feel free to comment and provide feedback.

Live Light and Free,



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