Call 50 Prospects a Day??

It’s funny how our thought process works.

Today, I was really concerned about posting something regarding my weight-loss (which has been none thus far but ‘Ill post a video concerning that later) but then I got distracted (which happens and started thinking about the affiliate marketing business I am in and the challenge going on there. So being that I am such a competitive person, I calculated how many prospects I would need to talk to in order to get the number 1 position ( Winner!!) or even the top 10..

Ding Ding Ding!!!

A light went off. How many people know the calculations of their business?. I mean really. Who knows the raw data as far as how many people they need to talk to every day to get their business at the ultimate level?

I sure don’t. So I googled “Calling 50 Prospects a Day” just to see and you know what?..  nothing came up. Well alot came up but nothing in regards to what the results would be if someone called 50 Prospects a day. Now since it take 21 days to create a habit I figure

“Where could my business be if I call 50 prospects a day for 30 days?”

How about you?

Where could your business be if you call 50 prospects a day for the next 30 days?   What level in your company could you reach with this type of momentum?  Could you win that car? ..Vacation?

See now you’re getting excited and So am I guys … I am going to take on the challenge.

How about you?

We already know the potential,  now let’s go out there and… Do It!!! Stay tuned as I blog and video blog everyday my results..until then

Live Light and Free,



About Erika

I am the mother to 3 beautiful funny boys and the wife to an amazing husband. I look forward to providing a wealth of information so that you can start Living Your Life Light and Free!!
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